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Fundamentals of the metaphysical Science Feng Shui

Traditional, chinese Feng Shui is a metaphysical science, which can be explained through logic and well founded principles. The roots of this science can be traced back to I-Ching, the „Book of Changes“, whose content was compiled nearly 5000 years ago in China.

The formulae for Feng Shui are based on the study of landscape and nature. Thus, Feng Shui is the millennia old chinese usage of harvesting the forces of nature to advance success, harmony, vitality and constructive change in a person’s life.

The term Feng Shui stands for wind and water. These are energies which we as humans perceive easily. Wind can be positive for mankind when it cools in the summer and fills the sail of a ship. Wind can also be negative when for example, as a hurricane it leaves a trail of destruction behind it. Water is a thirst quencher, a life saver, but can also have devastating effect when too much water dominates the earth, like during the century flood in Germany.

Feng Shui is the authentic chinese method for the application and utilization of the universal energy „Qi“ in private or professional environments, in order to:

To strengthen wellbeing
To advance harmony in interpersonal relationships
To promote prosperity

The science of Feng Shui is based upon the selection and arrangement of the living surroundings, adapted from the following factors:

Individual, their beneficial and repressive cardinal points
Buildings, apartments, property sites and location
Landscape, i.e. mountain and water courses as well as.
Time of moving into a living or work place

Modern way of life has turned our peaceful existence into chaos and extremes. Feng Shui takes on the basic principles of balance, Yin and Yang, to resolve this deficiency. Mankind has been connected with the flow of nature for centuries; Feng Shui is based upon this.

Documents for your information

Introduction to the basics of Feng Shui. What is Qi, Yin and Yang? The concept of the universe and the history of the metaphysical science.

What is Qi
Yin and Yang
The Concept of the Universe
History of Feng Shui

Reasons for the analysis and assessment of living space and offices. When is a consultation recommendable, what is the result of a consultation?

Office Consultations
Living Space Consultations

Studying Feng Shui is a challenge.

What inspired me to learn the complex Science of Feng Shui?

China - Feng Shui of Imperial China - Ming and Qing Dynasty graves, temples, palaces and living space Feng Shui.

Day 1 - Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Tomb of Zhu Yuan Zhang, Ming Dynasty
Day 2 - New and Old Huang Da Xian Temple, Jin Hua, in Ze Jiang Province
Day 3 - Zhuge Village in Zhe Jiang Province
Day 4 - Shaolin Temple, Zheng Zhou, Henang Province
Day 5 - Ming Tombs in Changping County, 50km away from Beijing
Day 6 - Western Qing Tombs in Hebei, West Beijing & Farewell Dinner Journey Part 1
Day 7 - Eastern Qing Tombs
Day 8 - Verbotene Stadt, Ching San Hügel, Eine Fahrt um den Hutong
Day 9 - Yonghe Lamasery, Summer Palace, Lessons Learned

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Yap Cheng Hai Academy - Graduate Feng Shui Practitioner's Course - Audits of Regent Hotel and Shopping Malls, Mines Beach Resort, Nirvana Memorial Park graveyard, Casino, Genting Highlands Theme Park, development area Taman Seputeh, building site analysis Kenny Hills, lectures on date selection, audit of the Public Bank, and concluding Graduation Dinner.

Introduction - Yap Cheng Hai Academy - Graduate Feng Shui Practitioner's Course
Day 1 - Lecture, Regent Hotel Audit, Shopping Mall Audits
Day 2 - Lecture, Exam Review
Day 3 - Mines Beach Resort Audit
Day 4 - Nirvana Memorial Park Graveyard
Day 5 - Casino, Hotel, Theme Park Genting Highlands
Day 6 - Development Area Audit, Building Site Analysis
Day 7 - Lecture on Date Selection
Day 8 - Public Bank Audit, Graduation Dinner

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics - Graduate Master Practitioner Course - Lecture on Landform Luan Tou, audit of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Casino, Genting Highlands Theme Park, lecture on the health of a dragon, apartment analysis at Sri Wanqsaria, private home analysis, high-rise building audit and Mid Valley Shopping Mall audit, building site analysis, and concluding Graduation Dinner.

Introduction - Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics - Graduate Master Practitioner Course
Day 1 - Lecture Luan Tou - Landform Feng Shui
Day 2 - Lecture on "Entering Earth's Eye", Mandarin Oriental Hotel Audit
Day 3 - Casino, Hotel, Theme Park Genting Highlands
Day 4 - Lecture on Health of a Dragon
Day 5 - Apartment and House Audit
Day 6 - High-rise Building Audit and Mid Valley Mall Audit
Day 7 - Development Project - 4 Plots of Land Audit