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Protect your Health from Electrosmog

What is Electrosmog?
Electrosmog is artificially generated electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, that originate around electric devices, transmitters, power and high voltage lines. The human body acts like an antenna, especially when it has metal on it, from dental implants, jewelery, piercings etc. The biological effect depends on the frequency of the device that causes the Electrosmog. The spectrum of devices from entertainment and electronic communications that are suspected of causing Electrosmog, lie in the frequency range from 1MHz to 10GHz.

What are Electropathic Disturbance Zones?
Apart from natural disturbance fields, there are also technically conditional electropathic disturbance fields, so called Electrosmog that depending on magnitude can cause illness. Using medical diagnostic devices it is possible to diagnose people with Electrosmog exposure.

Introduction to the natural condition of a cell. What happens when the cell is exposed to mobile phone radiation, what is radiation, what are the impacts on the human body? As well as four common misconceptions about radiation.

Please find below electrical and electromagnetic threshold value recommendations with biologically compatible values compared to legal limits from Germany as well as high frequency legal threshold values of other European countries.

It is a fact that Electrosmog is a causer of disease, otherwise there would not be legal limits. Those legal limits consider thermal effects only. Biological impacts, such as a-thermal effects, are not considered in the current legal threshold values. Electrosmog paralyses the immune system, inhibits Melatonin production in the brain and can cause cancer. A clinic study confirms that with already low exposure of electromagnetic fields there is a high risk of cancer.

Domestic danger such as DECT cordless phones, microwave ovens, W-LAN, alarm systems and radiation exposure in transportation means such as cars, buses, trams, metros and aircrafts should not be underestimated. International studies prove many impacts on the human organism. - Test yourself, a questionnaire can help to protect your health.

A collection of Electrosmog technical literature, information on the legal situation for people concerned about Electrosmog, Federal High Court confirming devaluation of real estate, addresses of organizations, working committees, associations, study groups, initiatives, institutes, research groups, experts and attorneys are listed for your reference: