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Geopathological Disturbance Zones and their typical Effects on Health

The correlation of health problems in connection with geopathological locations is based on previous experiences. Often several geopathological disturbance zone factors accumulate so that this listing below can only be an approximation. In principle, practically all possible diseases can occur alone by the loss of energy in the body caused by disturbance zones, as the energy loss leads to a collapse of the immune system. Thus all pathogenic germs have an easy game to affect the body.

Disturbance Areas Diseases
Underground Water Course Predominantly affects the musculoskeletal system:
Rheumatism, gout, joint pain
Eczema is a metabolic problem, the liver and kidneys reduce their function, i.e. the body can no longer detoxify itself and transports toxins into the skin
Ground Faults / Fissure Neuropathy
States of anxiety
Skin diseases
Unexplained Aggressiveness
Curry-Grid Interaction with underground water courses this is a classic cancer constellation
Stomach and Abdominal Pain
Renal Disease
10 Meter Grid (170/250/400 Meter Grids) All kinds of serious illnesses, most common:
Cancer, except for Leukemia as Leukemia develops rather from Electrosmog and radioactive emission
General symptoms with all disturbance zones Sleep Disorders
Pain Symptoms
Metabolic Disorders
(Disruption of kidney and liver function)
Hormonal Disorders
Regulation Disorders, e.g. Menstruation
Development Repression
Miscarriage, Childlessness
Thyroid Gland Disease
Blood Cancer

What are geopathic and geopathological disturbance zones, how is the course of a geopathy, how can you protect yourself from cancer causing disturbance zones? Health Counselor Dr. Hager investigated cancer cases in Stettin with unequivocal results. - Test yourself, a questionnaire can help to protect your health.

Animals and plants react very different to geopathic zones, there are radiation seekers and radiation avoiders.

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