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„There is substantial evidence for damages from mobile phone radiation. I consider it to be careless to adhere to the existing threshold values. The authorities are urgently called upon by us to deal with the scientific results, and it is a matter of legitimate research, which is emphasized here.”

Prof. Dr. Heyo Eckel, Bundesärztekammer, Federal Medical Association

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Federal Medical Association is warning of mobile phone radiation damage. Are you familiar with the phenomena of therapy resistent patients, how are acids produced in the body, what are the single factors which sum up to the overall impairment of the body?

Medicals, Health Practitioner, Therapy resistant Patients
What causes Acids in the Body
Total Exposure and its individual Factors

Expensive medicine and the billions for health, Melatonin reducing medication

Expensive Medication
Melatonin reducing Medications

Electromagnetic radiation exposition promotes all types of cancer. How can you protect yourself from cancer-causing disturbance zones? - Test yourself, a questionnaire can help to protect your health.

Exposition more than 400nT is a significant High Risk for all kinds of Cancer
Cancer and Disturbance Zones - How can you protect yourself
Test yourself and your patients - Protect your Health