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Testimonial Family N.

We planned a house and decided to incorporate Feng Shui aspects in our detailed considerations. My husband and I expected positive influence on our lives and living circumstances. Bearing that in mind certain parts of our considerations resulted in another perspective and we derived at the actual result. Claudia recommended to position the entrance into the facing of the house, the so called face of the house, because of the good Qi from this direction. Contrary to her recommendation we decided to have the entrance sideward since the house should obtain an additional option of utilization at a later date. A compromise, which satisfied the landlord and assured ample space for the terrace.

However, back to the beginning. Even before the start of construction, in the phase of selecting a plot of land, we, the house builders, already had set our property priorities, nevertheless we sought Feng Shui advice already in this phase. The priority list for the selection of premises was after the land analysis identical between Claudia and us, which we regarded as verification for the coherence of Feng Shui can be gut feeling. The location was ideal. After the award of contract, the alignment of the house took place taking into account the above mentioned compromise. The floor plan and also house alignment were applied consistently according to schedule. At present, garden and garage are custom-built. We feel very much welcome in our house! Thank you very much Claudia for your advice, your proposals and practical assistance - keep at it!

Family N. Close to Hamburg, Germany