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Testimonial Family Knogler

We currently arrived at the construction of the intermediate ceiling. It is time to take stock of your and our work. Our fundamental ideas for the construction of a house, respectively for the preparation phase, always were:
1. as natural as possible,
2. as healthy as possible and
3. as expedient as possible,
for our and our children's every day's life.

1 Natural: building biology, building ecology, which construction materials are salubrious, timber, sheep’s wool
2 Healthy: no harmful substance, little iron, living without electromagnetic pollution and free of earth radiation
3 Expedient: daily activities should be simple, from the children's nocturnal wandering to the toilet to cleaning of the floor, doing the laundry, working at the computer and of course business dealings and activities with my customers in our house.

Very soon it became clear that consulting building biology, building ecology, knowledge about electromagnetic pollution and earth radiation for the construction of the house, there was one important criterion that should definitely not be missed: Feng Shui.

Fact is that with your help we are erecting a house that has been strictly planned according to Feng Shui principles. We never would have succeeded by ourselves. This expert knowledge is not available for laymen – not even by studying books. Your Feng Shui expertise is really professional. During the last year we talked to many people who claimed to have notion of Feng Shui, now we know that they do not have the expertise on the level you do. We never doubted your expertise – but in the course of time one recognizes such perfect expert working.

We were studying the plans we had worked out ourselves for many nights, looking for solutions until they met our approval. Here we would like to thank you for your patience! We called you quite often and you were always friendly and supporting with advice.
Planning was no piece of cake since we had no architect at our side. We actually planned all of it ourselves. – Thanks to your help! With hindsight we want to thank you that you came directly to our building site in Austria, nearly one year ago. The exact analysis of the building site was of extreme importance. We recognized that later.

Many talk about Feng Shui – but hardly anybody knows how complex it is. Even for us the complexity of Feng Shui was entirely new. Thinking of Feng Shui one thinks of crystal balls or wind chimes, maybe placing the bed on the right position – but all that you showed and taught us – can only be understood while being in the middle of it!

Getting to know you better was a special and valuable asset for us in every respect – especially personally!!! By your outmost competent expert knowledge we were able to plan our dream house in an optimal way. Franz and I are very proud and also happy that we were able to plan and conduct our "Knogler Project" so successfully.

Maybe the special planning of the coordinates of the house already results in having next to no problems at all!!! Until now we are untroubled by all the stories that are being told by those building a house. What a pity that you are so far away! We would like to see you more often – not only to take new Feng Shui tips.

Warmest regards and see you soon!!!
Gudila and Franz Kogler
Florian and Simon
Close to Linz, Austria