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Feng Shui

For decades, students of architecture at Asian universities have been offered Feng Shui as an elective course and many have undertaken it as they recognized the importance of reading nature around a plot of land and understanding to what extent a house built on the land will influence the people that live or work within it. It is the decision whether the architect takes responsibility for the people’s "third skin" and ensures that the people are prosperous in the home designed for them.

A businessperson, who leaves nothing to coincidence, gladly allows themselves to be advised by a Feng Shui practitioner as soon as they want to build new office premises, open a new branch, alter the premises or floor plan of an existing branch, etc.

Therefore I recommend

Every builder or
Every tenant who is renting an apartment or
Every person who wants to buy an apartment

prior to completing the purchase contract

For a plot of land
A property or
A building contract

to obtain advice from a Feng Shui practitioner, who was educated in Asia, whether the plot of land or property being considered can fulfill the intended purpose.

On the basis of the energy requirements of the director, the location of the offices will be discussed for him and his management team, in addition an alignment of desks is done so that an optimal working environment can emerge.

As a prudent businessperson, do not leave it to chance that your business is successful, there is a reason. Plan your business premises, retail outlets and the individual offices according to Feng Shui, just as many international firms for many years have successfully implemented Feng Shui principles in their business.

I gladly advise on the following topics:

Choosing a location and site evaluation
Property evaluation during modification, modernization and purchase of properties
Development of architectural plans for business premises or retail outlets
Analysis and evaluation of a current or prospective offices
Layout of workplaces
Optimization of production process
Interpersonal difficulties with employees
Difficulties with leasing your existing premises
Remedy for unoccupied buildings
Property developer measures

Further information on Feng Shui can be found under the Link: Feng Shui

If in your building premises phenomena appear that you cannot explain, Feng Shui can be parts of assistance only. If these phenomena manifest in the form of spirits or lost souls, then please contact me. I can give you a contact to a medium who possesses the ability to assist lost souls on earth to return to the light, i.e. they will be released.


Electrosmog are low and high frequency influences within and outside the company premises. Sometimes the man-made electrosmog is located directly on the roof as a mobile phone transmitter pole. Also here it is imperative to know the magnitude of the invisible radiation, which can have an influence on the blood count and the complete health constellation of the business leadership and the employees.

I gladly advise on the following topics with the use of LF (low frequency) and HF (high frequency) measurement devices:

Measurement of Electrosmog influences on plots of land
Measurement of Electrosmog influences in properties
If you have been ill and have already consulted with doctors,
who could not help you, then the environmental factors are
probably the cause, e.g. Electrosmog. This Electrosmog can
be selfmade or can be acting upon your work space externally,
from the close surroundings.
Prevention: You want to move into a property, or build company
premises, and would like to ensure that during the planning, the
workplace or premises in which you spend several hours per
day are checked for Electrosmog influences. Buildings with
Electrosmog issues are not uninhabitable, one must only know
how and where one can suppress or shield oneself from
Electrosmog. However, in case of severe external Electrosmog
influences e.g. aircraft radar, marine radar, and mobile phone
transmitter poles, one should carefully consider whether to
move in at all or else to seek an alternative, healthier living

Further information on Feng Shui can be found under the Link: Electrosmog


Geopathic influences, so called earth radiation, can have grave effects on a person’s health in case of long-term exposure. In order to prevent a high status of sick employees one could undertake measures during the construction of a building, so that the employees will not be exposed to geopathological radiation at all. International companies in Germany have already begun to shield new buildings against geopathological effects. These shielding measures can also be retrospectively implemented in existing buildings or offices.

I gladly advise on the following topics:

Prevention: You want to move into a property, or build company
premises, and would like to ensure that during the planning, the
workplace or general space in which the employee spends several
hours per day, are checked for geopathological influences. Properties
with geopathological influences are not uninhabitable; one must only
know how and where one can shield oneself.
If you have been sick and have already consulted several doctors,
that have not been able to help you, then environmental factors are
the likely cause, e.g. geopathological disturbances in the place of
sleep or workplace. In this case, one must check for the cause,
either in the home or in the office, the worst-case scenario in
both locations.
Measurement of current or future business premises
Geopathic shielding of the entire ground floor or rather individual
workplaces are realizable after “on-site” measurements.

Further information on Feng Shui can be found under the Link: Geopathology