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Electrosmog, Earth Radiation, Bad Qi

Experienced and certified Geo- and Electro Pathologist and graduated Feng Shui Master Practitioner advises, explains, surveys and analyses your workplace and home, especially your sleeping place. To know the cardinal directions that offer beneficial support for your life and how to use them at work and home, is essential for an optimal quality of life.

People are a part of Nature.

We appear to ignore this logical conclusion all too often.

To know the rules of nature and live up to the personal good energies of the earth is made possible by the application of Feng Shui principles. Nature consists of YIN and YANG, and accordingly consists of things and situations that individually do us good or no good. Nature gives us oxygen to breathe, but also releases radiation from the earth, so called earth radiation, which over a long period of time can lead to stress and debilitation as well as sickness and in the worst case scenario to death.

Therefore, it is especially important to know about the forces of nature in order to use the good forces and to avoid the less good forces. This enables the knowledge of Feng Shui and Geopathology.

The earth, Mother Nature, finds itself in a direct current field. Artificial sources, created by man are added to this balanced earth, which have an influence on our lives; the so called alternating current fields. Some of these sources are with certainty a blessing for mankind, whereas others lead to a health risk factor called Electrosmog.

To use the forces of nature according to Feng Shui and to have the knowledge at hand, whether one is exposed to Earth Radiation or rather Electrosmog at home or in the workplace. This is like having a rudder in the hand for one’s own ship, in order to steer life in health and human relations as well as financial aspects and to be able to steer your own life’s ship into the safe harbors.